Welcome to Rosebank Motorcycle Speedway

Welcome to the official online home of Auckland Speedway Riders Club, Inc

We hope you come down and join in the fun at Rosebank Speedway.

Whether you're a Competitor or a Fan.  There's something for everyone.

On race days you'll see the best riders throughout New Zealand racing each other.

There are two tracks, the main track at 320m and the junior track 140m.

For those just starting out, there's training days through out the season, which runs from October to May.  After each race meeting there are training days on the following two Fridays.  Subject to change for various reasons, contact your class representative for cancellations.  Speedway New Zealand, our governing body, has a strick training/mentoring programme in place prior to going out to race – our representatives, trainors and mentors are on hand to take you through the criteria for each class. 

1000cc Sidecars - 17 years and over

250cc Junior Sidecars - 12-16 years

500cc Solo Bikes - 16 years and over

250cc Junior Solos - 14-15 years

200cc Junior Solos - 12-15 years

125cc Junior Solos - 8-11 years

50cc Peewee Bikes - 5-6 years  D2

70cc Peewee Bikes - 7-8 years D1

Flat Track - 16 years and over

 Entry $15.00 Adults - 15 + under Free

Auckland Speedway Riders Club, Inc                                                                                 151 Vipond Rd, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparoa 0932                                                   126 Patiki Rd, Avondale Auckland                                                                                       09 828-2173